Robot Welding Cleaning Station

Robo Mig Welding Cleaning Station

Mig welding with robotic equipment require components be well maintained for best performance and repeatability of each welding pass. Nozzles, contact tips and insulators must remain free of weld spatter build up. Weld spatter build up can cause false arc starts, poor penetration, weld porosity and possible system shut down.

This is where the use of Robotic Mig welding cleaning stations become invaluable. These stations quickly and with consistancy have the ability to remove spatter, trim welding wire and apply anti-spatter solution to the Mig torch of the robot. Effectively reducing the maintenance work of personnel. Any work stoppage for this maintenance can be costly as it usually means the shut down of the complete line.

AEWI offers specialty anti-spatter products that offer long lasting protection for use with these systems.