Magnets Industrial

Magnetic Angles, Positioners, Clamps, Drills & Heavy Lifting Magnets

Safely lift, move or position metal plate, sheet or component work-pieces on welding or burning tables. No additional power is required to activate the magnet.

Magnets are important tools in industries. Angles, positioning, clamping, drilling, and lifting heavy objects utilize them.

Magnetic Angles

Magnetic angles provide a reliable means of securely holding ferrous materials at specific angles during welding or fabrication, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Magnetic Welding Positioners

Magnetic Welding Positioners make workpieces easier to handle, enabling workers to easily access different sides while fabricating or welding. These are great for holding pieces like sheet metal, tubing and plates.

Magnetic Clamps

Clamps, powered by magnetic force, offer a hands-free solution for securing materials in place, enhancing workflow and safety.

Magnetic Drills & Heavy Lifting Magnets

Magnetic drills use strong magnets to anchor the tool to metal surfaces, making drilling easier and more accurate. Heavy lifting magnets use magnetic strength to easily lift and move heavy loads, making difficult tasks easier. These magnetic tools are important for modern industry, as they are strong and precise, leading to the best outcomes.