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DuckDuckGo.com - The search engine that doesn't track you


The Internet - We all know that when you're on line websites, social sites and search engines track not only your location but also every key stroke you make and every site you visit. Now you can at least have one search engine site that claims not to track you. 

Check it out at;  https://duckduckgo.com/?&t=hg&atb=v131-7_g

Why we don't sell some products.

There are lots of great products out there, many made right here in the good old USA; and we always try to promote these. There are many foreign made products as well, equally as good, some better. But we judge things by reputation and customer feed back. So, if we have it on our site [...]

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THE RISE OF CERAMIC ANTI SPATTERCeramic–based anti-spatter coatings got started in Europe and is now commonly used there.Engineering studies prove a clear and significant Return On Investment. As North American producers look closer at costs and ROI, Ceramic Anti Spatter is becoming more popular. Applications include: MIG welding nozzles, tips, diffusers Oxy, laser or plasma [...]

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Serve America and Learn to Weld!

The following recent article in The Fabricator details the availability of Welder Training in the US Army. Training is available for new and experienced welders. http://www.fabtechexpo.com/blog/2016/08/05/reporti...

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Support Our Military Troops and Veterans

OUR HEROES AND THEIR FAMILIES URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELPThe USO:  For more than 70 years, the USO has taken on the task of caring for our wounded heroes, supporting families of the fallen and helping our service members transition back into civilian life.A decade of war has left more than 405,522 troops wounded, disabled or [...]

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Acuity Flagpole Project - Tribute to America

Mortenson Construction Co. - Acuity Flagpole Projecthttp://mortenson.wistia.com/medias/tejnwpitig

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Stainless Steel Heat Tint - When to remove it.

Although some sources suggest that the removal of heat tint is not always essential, it is vitally important that weld heat tint is removed so that the full corrosion resistance of the finished product is restored after welding. This will help avoid unnecessary service corrosion problems in fabrication weld areas.The recently published Drinking Water Inspectorate [...]

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Here's a tip for users of liquid cooled torches!

Welding equipment coolers using a Vane type pump with a built in coolant strainer can tell you a lot. Remove the strainer retaining cap and take out the stainless steel strainer. If you find deposits or debris in the strainer it can be a sign of trouble. Debris may be the results of deterioration of weld cables, torches or hoses [...]

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Cylinder Gas Dangers

Following is a YouTube video of a welding supply truck accident. http://www.youtube.com/embed/FG1LGKieTxY?feature=player_detailpage

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Why Do Good Workers Quit?

Why Do Good Workers Quit?When trying to understand what motivates good workers to quit or jump ship, there's an "extremely dramatic disconnect" between reality and what managers believe,Seven root-cause reasons for employee turnover: The job or workplace not living up to expectationsA mismatch between job and employeeToo little coaching and feedbackToo few opportunities for growth and advancementFeeling devalued and unrecognized Stress from [...]

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