Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover

Dynaflux HTR500/HTR121 Stainless Steel Weld Heat Tint Remover "Proudly Made in the USA"


At AE Welding & Industrial, we proudly carry a selection of Dynaflux products designed to make your metalworking experience easier, cleaner and more efficient by erasing heat tint with precision.

What is Heat Tint?

Heat tint is an oxidation layer that forms on metal surfaces during welding or high-temperature processes. It not only affects the aesthetics but can also compromise the integrity of the metal. There are solutions! Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover, a modern solution that removes heat tint and restores metal surfaces to their original state.

Why Choose Dynaflux?

Advanced Formulation: Dynaflux's Heat Tint Remover is formulated with advanced ingredients, ensuring effective removal of heat tint without compromising the integrity of the metal.

  • Versatility: Whether you're working with stainless steel, aluminum, or other alloys, Dynaflux's solution is versatile enough to tackle a variety of metal surfaces.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with user convenience in mind, Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover is easy to apply, allowing you to achieve professional results with minimal effort.

Explore Our Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover Products

Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover Gel

Discover the power of Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover Gel, a specially formulated solution for targeted application. This gel adheres to vertical surfaces, ensuring optimal contact time for effective heat tint removal.

Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover Liquid

Explore the versatility of Dynaflux Heat Tint Remover Liquid, ideal for large surface areas. This liquid formulation offers efficient coverage, making it a go-to solution for various metalworking projects.

Easier Metalworking with AE Welding & Industrial

At AE Welding & Industrial, we know how important it is to have clean metal surfaces for your projects. That's why we offer Dynaflux products, which provide advanced solutions for removing heat discoloration.