Ceramic Anti Spatter Reduces Costs

Ceramic Anti Spatter Reduces Costs

Posted by AEWI on 7th Nov 2016


Ceramic anti-spatter coatings got its start in Europe and is now commonly used there.

Engineering studies prove a clear and significant Return On Investment. As North American manufacturers look closer at costs and ROI, Ceramic Anti Spatter is becoming very popular. You Will reduce purchases of Brass or Copper nozzles and contact tips.

Applications include:

  • MIG welding nozzles, tips, diffusers
  • Oxy, laser or plasma cutting tips, shrouds 
  • and tables slats Jigs, cables, fixtures and equipment
  • Welded parts, catch bins, etc.


    BorNiGuard, an American Made product, named for Hexavalent Boron Nitride which is the high grade of ceramic compound. BorNiGuard has higher solids content than other brands. When applied to a clean, oxide-free surface BorNiGuard quickly forms a durable dry film that can be re-applied or removed as needed. 

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    If You are concerned about your bottom line Ceramic anti spatter could be a blessing!

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