Mig Welding Guns

Mig Welding Guns - Hand Held, 100 to 500 amps adaptable to most power supplies.

The Mig welding process is commonly used in construction, maintenance, automotive, marine, metal fabrication of all kinds and even home repairs.

We offer complete lines of US Made Mig welding guns and accessories designed to fit your welder and your application; All Mig guns are built with durable, flexible power cables with strain relief, rugged handles and premium consumables. Direct connection Mig welding guns with lengths to 25' fit Miller, Hobart, Lincoln, ESAB and more.

What are Mig Welding Guns?

MIG welding guns are used with a MIG welder. They have a wire that melts and combines materials to make a weld. MIG welding can be used on different materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and steel. The material thickness can range from sheet metal to heavy duty structual sheets and plates.

What are Mig Welding Guns used for?

MIG welding guns are great tools for joining metal components. They are often used in automobile manufacturing for welding parts to enhance their strength. Construction professionals utilize them to connect steel parts and construct structures such as buildings and pipelines. In industrial settings, these guns create sturdy metal joints. Whether it's for assembling a car or erecting a building, MIG welding guns serve as the preferred instruments for ensuring excellent adhesion.

What brands do you carry?

Bernard, Miller, Tregakiss, and Tweco are just a few of the brands we stock. We carry different styles and sizes. Let us know if you need help finding the perfect mig welding gun. We are happy to assist!