Reamer Blades Robot Welding

Robot Welding Reamer Blades for Robotic Mig Nozzle Cleaning Stations

A precision reamer blade designed for use with Robotic cleaning stations must be used. Our reamer blades designed for Genesis, Motoman, ESAB, Dinse, Intertech, Wire Wizard, Tregaskiss, Tweco, Abicore Binzel, Lincoln, CMI, Weldquip may be used are just such blades

Reamer Blade Selection - The Robotic Nozzle Reamer Blade must fit inside the gas nozzle and over the contact tip. There should be at least .040" (1.0 mm) clearance inside the nozzle and over the tip. When selecting, carefully measure both dimensions and select from the reamers listed on our site.

AEWI reamer blades mount directly to the drive motor 3/8-24 threaded drive shaft of the cleaning station.