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MILLER M-25 M-40

BAD NEWS! = Miller Electric Discontinued the M-25 series Mig Gun
And Introduced a Much More Expensive MDX Welding Gun 
                  GOOD NEWS - We Didn't Discontinue Ours!
We Still Have The M-25 Style Mig guns and parts at Great $$ Savings   "Masterweld" M-25 and M-40 welding gun replacements meet or exceed OEM standards and specifications. "Ready to weld" Mig gun includes contact tip, nozzle and liner. The M-25 & M-40 style Mig Guns are proudly Made in the USA and Used by Professionals Worldwide. Miller MIGmatic™ welding gun M-25 & M-40 are common on: Millermatic 200, 210, 212, 250, 250x, 251, 252, Millermatic 300 and current Miller wire feeders. M-25 and M-40 Consumables interchange with standard, non patented parts and accessories.