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Stainless Steel Heat Tint - When to remove it.


Although some sources suggest that the removal of heat tint is not always essential, it is vitally important that weld heat tint is removed so that the full corrosion resistance of the finished product is restored after welding. This will help avoid unnecessary service corrosion problems in fabrication weld areas.

The recently published Drinking Water Inspectorate Code of Practice (Operational Guidelines and Code of Practice for Stainless Steel Products in Drinking Water Supply) states: - ' In order to achieve the optimum corrosion performance of stainless steel welded joints, crevice features, contamination and at least all weld heat tints deeper in colour than a pale yellow shall be removed by mechanical dressing followed by acid pickling of the joint.'
So as a general rule, if you can see a disclouration on the surface due heat tint, this must be removed for drinking water applications and should be adopted as good post weld cleaning practice for any stainless steel welded joints.

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq2OsoDGfaw